We have been working closely with Delta Properties for over 12 months.

They approached us asking us to carry out a roofing project for them, the director of the company “Kevin” was so impressed that he has used our services on numerous occasions since, he was so delighted on the speed it took to complete his new fibre glass roof and the high standards of workmanship and quality that he has used CGF and our Euroboards ever since.

We have just finished a 150 square meter roof for “kevin” at a site in Penarth that took us only 3 days to complete from start to finish, I have shared some of these pictures on our website in order for you to see the quality of our Pre-Lamintaed roofing board.


We have since had several recomendations from “Kevin” and now new clients are using our “Euroboard” roofing system.

Scimitar Construction use our Euro Board

Scimitar Construction are one of the big companies currently using our Euro Board, the pre-laminated Osb3 Sterling Fibre Glass Board.

They approached us last year to supply fibre glass flat roofs and following the first installation of our Euro Boards were impressed not only with the quality of our products but with how quick and efficent the system was, as roofing projects could be finished the same day.

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Euro Boards

Euro Boards are pre-laminated Osb3 Sterling Fibre Glass Boards and the best solution to any flat roofing problem.

Current fibre glass flat roof method

Joists in place the roof is ready to be installed. The roof is laid onto a dry deck, in dry conditions, at a temperature not below 5̊c. The deck should be of 18mm exterior plywood or sterling board and will be fixed to the underlying joists. A pre-fabricated moulded edge is first added then fibreglass applied. The roof is then covered by the fibre matting and resin is applied together with a catalyst. This is consolidated with a roll. A finish is then applied and the roof is complete.

Euro Boards method

Fit Pre-laminated boards, seal up the koints and apply final top coat. Roof complete.

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